Ken Goldman

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  • Hiding from the Light of the Moon, 2014

  • Gader Print

  • Lay Me Down - Grass Blanket

  • Lelo Reshut

  • Venice Sketchbook

  • Cemetry Cypress 2022

  • Overweight 2022

"Ken Goldman has been mining religious sources as inspiration for creating art with timeless universal themes for over four decades. Subjects of personal and public nature such as faith, gender, community, otherness and mortality are but some of the issues he has engaged in his art.
The pursuit of these subjects and the search for the best way to express them has inspired Goldman to experiment with a wide variety of media and techniques. It is not unusual to find the artist working on his performance pieces, creating 3-D prints and video, and seemingly effortlessly returning to more classic techniques of wood-cut, stone carving or drawing a he strives to combine the most fitting technique or media with his subject matter.
The artist's use of irony and humor and what may seem, as an almost irreverent attitude towards religious tradition does not in any way overshadow the underlying serious nature of his work. They often work as foils to highlight the major issues being investigated. Goldman uses this approach to connect immediately with the viewer and open a door inviting the viewer to form a deeper connection with the artist's work."
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