Mindy Weisel

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  • A Day,

    10x10 inches, 25x25 cm, collage and watercolor

  • Blue and Grey,

    24 x19 inches, 61x48cm, etching

  • Burgundy,

    24x18 inches, 61x46cm, etching

  • Day and Night,

    15x21 inches each, 38x53cm, etchings

  • Dreams,

    26x20 inches, 66x51cm, oil

  • Hungarian Lace,

    10x13 inches, 25x33cm, painting

  • Jerusalem Dawn,

    10x10 inches, 25x25 cm, collage and watercolor

  • Life is a Checkerboard,

    36x36 inches, 91x91cm, monoprint

  • She Loved Blue,

    12x14 inches, 30x35cm, oil

"I start each work by writing directly on the paper or canvas I will be working on. I write until words lose their meaning. I write about life, love, loss, longing, and my eternal search for light and beauty. I reach a point where words lose their meaning -and only making marks with paint seem to be real. I clear the way, it seems, inside myself, to where logic, reason and language no longer reign. Layer upon layer of paint, expresses a search. Painting becomes a process in which I, literally, live through the painting emotionally. I have no preconceived concepts; no intellectual armor; no image in mind before I start work. The painting has a life of its own."
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