Shulamit Near

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  • The Blue Lagoon, Dahab,Sinai, 2005-6

    120 x 75 cm oil on canvas

  • 19, Ha'ari St., Jerusalem, 2006

    21 x 13 cm oil on canvas

  • Michael, 2007-2015

    81.5 x 69.5 cm oil on canvas

  • Acre, 2019

    80 x 25 cm oil on canvas

  • Fields and Sunflowers, 2013-2020

    107 X 33 cm oil on canvas

  • Jerusalem panorama, first variation, 2008

    160 X 50cm oil on canvas

  • Maya Israel, 2008 – 2017

    48 x 31.5 cm charcoal on paper

  • The reservoir, morning, 2014-2020

    80 x 27.5 cm oil on canvas

  • Jerusalem Panorama, variation in progress

"See what the sun does to the world.
From a young age, Shulamit was passionate about art.
At the age of 24, she studied in the prestigious Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem.
Shulamit continued her education, studying at the Slade School of Fine Art in London, and at the prominent Jerusalem Studio School, under the watchful eye of Israel Hershberg, one of the leading and most admired painters and teachers in Israel.
For many years, Shulamit has been dedicated to her art, devoting her full attention and energies as a flourishing painter and an esteemed teacher for young and adult aspiring painters.
She divides her time between the beautiful city of Jerusalem and her childhood landscapes – Kibbutz Beit HaEmek in Western Galilee.
The unique atmosphere that combines quiet and simplistic life with one of the most stunning countrysides of Israel allows Shulamit to master her art.
It enables her to create a deeper and more complete body of work, where her observing eye is in tune more than ever with her gifted hands."
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