Silvia Bar-Am

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  • Ella Valley, 2012

    21 x 26 cm oil on paper

  • House among the Vineyards, 2010

    37 x 44 cm oil on linen

  • Southern Galilee, 2021

    90 x 70 cm oil on linen

  • Pumpkin on hand pasted paper and transparencies, 2014

    35 x 52 cm oil on linen

  • Pomegranate Tryptich, 2018-2022

    108 x 30 cm oil on panel mounted on wood

  • View from Mt. Scopus, 2014-22

    130 x 60 cm oil on linen

  • View from the garden, 2020

    36 x 43 cm willow charcoal on paper

  • Florentin IV, 2019

    22 x 30.5 cm willow charcoal on paper

  • View from indoors, 2019

    36 x 43 cm willow charcoal on paper

  • Early Morning, 2019

    43 x 36 cm willow charcoal on paper

"I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, into a family of musicians and painters. I immigrated to Israel as a young girl, the violinist in a trio formed with my sisters. But from an early age I longed to paint.
After years of training, I began my career as an abstract painter. My first exhibitions were in a lyrical abstract style. Beginning in the 1990’s I began the process of moving between abstract and realism, painting from direct observation, imagination and memory. The process begins by collecting information, details and ideas in sketchbooks. In the studio a complex construction of a composition begins. I change the directions of trees, walls, silhouettes, vegetation, according to internal dictates, many times in a complete deviation from the basic plan. This journey is a bit like being on the edge of an abyss to an unknown land, whether it is still life, figurative or landscapes. It allows me the freedom to create."
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